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Who We Are & How We Help

Learn more about our expertise and our other resources you can use to better understand how to manage your finances.

CLTC Certified Financial Planner™

David Chudyk is a certified Value Builder with 20+ years working in financial services. As an entrepreneur, David understands the unique needs of business owners, and he is ready to help you manage all of your assets.

Headshot of certified financial planner David Chudyk.
Logo of the Weekly Wealth Podcast hosted by David Chudyk

The Weekly Wealth Podcast

On the Weekly Wealth Podcast, we explore the mindsets, tactics, and strategies to help you to build and maintain your wealth. Learn how better money management can improve your life.

The Financially/
Covered Podcast

On the Financially/Covered Podcast, we give insurance agency owners the tools they need to make educated financial decisions and increase revenue streams.

Logo of the Financially Covered Podcast hosted by David Chudyk
Logo of Parallel Financial

Parallel Financial

We help business owners pay less in taxes, invest for retirement, and diversify their investments. If you need traditional financial planning, investment management, or business value development, contact us to discuss all of your assets today.

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