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1. Financial Performance
2. Growth Potential
3. The Switzerland Structure
4. The Valuation Teeter Totter

About the
Value Builder

Check out these helpful videos to learn more about what happens once you receive your Value Builder Score and Report, the benefits of learning your business' value builder score, and the eight key drivers of your company's value.

The 8 Value Drivers:

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Value Builder Score Explained

Value Driver 1: Financial Performance

Value Driver 2: Growth Potential

Value Driver 3: The Switzerland Structure

Value Driver 4: The Valuation Teeter Totter

Value Driver 5: Recurring Revenue

Value Driver 6: Monopoly of Control

Value Driver 7: Customer Satisfaction

Value Driver 8: Hub and Spoke

5. Recurring Revenue
6. Monopoly of Control
7. Customer Satisfaction
8. Hub and Spoke
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